Friday, April 3, 2009

Where are all the bodies?

I realized that most of the work posted on my blog are heads - not too many full figure drawings. This led me to go through my stack of in-class drawings, only to find a few that I felt were somewhat decent. It made me see that I really need to start hitting those workshops...

Anyway, here are some more drawings from Heads & Hands 2. Some are attempts at characterizing the models which was a nice change. We also started using pastels in class, which was a whole new experience for me. Unfortunately, I didn't have the soft pastels that we were supposed to have, so I was limited to a few colors of nupastel, which I have used before, but not to "paint" with. I also started learning Corel Painter in my Illustrative Digital Imaging class - extremely frustrating at first, but watching a couple tutorials helped.

First attempt at painting with pastel. Struggled.

Here's my second attempt. There was much less resistance with this one.
First painting in Painter. I tried to apply what I learned in Heads and Hands 2 in this one. Sorry for the weird grumpy face.

Here are those few in-class drawings of full figures I mentioned earlier... Yeah. Need to go to workshop...